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Free Property Analysis / Site Inspection

We are looking for Property Owners to Partner with us and Get Paid for each subscriber. We cover all the bases, from technology to Customer Service. If you do not see your industry listed specifically here, please reach out for a case study. 

Upgrade and Update your Property, and Get Paid. 

We are looking for Property Owners who want to offer High End, Fast WiFi Installation and Customer Service to the people they serve: Residents, Tenants, Staff, Clientele, Guests, Campers, ConcertGoers, and Patients. 

Free Site Analysis

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Hardware Installation

In many cases, we are able to cover the full costs of installation and a full infrastructure upgrade throughout the entire property.

Already in a Contract?

It’s all in the details, and we get paid to know the details. Our Hardware and Software integrates with 99% of Service Providers! Being in a contract does not exclude you from getting paid, or getting paid more. And, it doesn’t exclude your users from an Amazing WiFi experience throughout your entire property. 

Superb WiFi Network Performance

Property Owners can now give their Tenants, Residents, Patients, Guests, and Subscribers the WiFi experience they deserve, and get paid in the process!

Call us at 949-392-4949 to set up a Free Site Analysis with one of our Professional Technicians. 


No Connection?

No problem. If you have been told you need serious digging, trenching, or otherwise cost prohibitive property development to upgrade your infrastructure, let us take a look. 

We have many partners who would love to cover the cost for you. It’s all who you know, ya know? 


Step 1: Site Inspection

A specialized technician will visit the property to scope out the build, layout, and existing infrastructure.   

Step 2: We send you a few options in a proposal.

98% of our Proposals have a No Cost Up Front option!

Step 3: Your Users are Online With High Speeds and Happy Hearts.  

Please feel free to ask for specific case studies on our clients in:

Ballparks, MDU’s, Cruise Ships, Senior / Assisted Living, Stadiums, Airports, MTU’s, Apartments, Condos, Studio Apartments, HOA’s, Education, Large Venues, Hospitality, Memory Care, Independent Living, Active Living, Hotels, Hospitals / Medical, Government, Communities, Camping, Public WiFi, City WiFi, Travel, Arenas, Venues, Subways, LightRails, Master Planned Communities, Shared Office Space, Motels, Resorts, Golf Courses, Restaurants, Water Parks, Retail, Commercial Real Estate, Franchises, Chains, Religious Institutions, Shopping Centers, Shopping Plazas, and more. 


Providing a Stellar WiFi Experience to your WiFi Guests Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.


Are you facing thousands in costs from outdated network equipment and connections? We can help! We have many Partners who are willing to cover the costs of the necessary property upgrades.


Ensure that your WiFi Guests get the fastest speeds, stellar customer service, military grade security, and an overall amazing Internet Experience. 


"We have a single number to reach out to if we have any service needs. The customer service response is timely and usually preventative...Personal service touch like this helps us feel we are with the right group."

– Roger P. THP

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