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Fast and Friendly WiFi Networks for MDU’s, Apartments, and Condos

Multi-family Residential, Studio Apartments, Apartment Complexes, Condominiums, Multi Dwelling Units, HOA’s, and MTU’s: your Tenants and Residents all expect and deserve the best in their WiFi Experience. 

Apartment Owners / Operators: Upgrade and Update your Apartment Properties, and Start Collecting on a New Stream of Recurring Revenue! 


We are looking for Apartment and MDU Owners! 

Your tenants are demanding the best in their WiFi functionality, and we can help you provide it. Give it to your residents for free, promote 90 days free for a move-in bonus, or charge monthly the Internet Service Provider to your tenants!

75% of your residents pay a monthly premium for access to internet! You could be collecting this as monthly revenue. 

At QNexx, we specialize in building WiFi Networks for Apartments, MDU’s, Multi-Dwelling Units, MTU’s, Condos, Multi-family Residential, Studio Apartments, and Condominiums. 

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Infrastructure Installation

With most apartment complexes, we are able to cover the costs of installation and a basic infrastructure upgrade throughout the entire property.

Do you have an existing contract with an ISP? 

No Problem! It’s all in the details, and, well, we get paid to know the details. Our Hardware and Software integrates with 99% of Internet Service Providers! You are not excluded from getting paid (or getting paid more!) by being in a contract. And, a Contract does not exclude your Residents from enjoying an Amazing WiFi experience throughout your entire property. 

Your Residents Deserve a Superb WiFi Network Experience

Apartment and MDU Owners and Operators can now give their Residents, Tenants, and Guests the WiFi experience they deserve, and get paid in the process!

Call us at 949-392-4949 to set up a Free Site Analysis with one of our Professional Technicians, or fill out the form above. 


Outdated Connection?

No worries. You may have been told that you serious digging or trenching, or other cost prohibitive property developments at your apartment complex to upgrade your infrastructure. If this is the case, let us take a look. 

 It’s all who you know, ya know? We have many partners who have vested interests in covering those types of costs.


All of Your Resident’s WiFi Needs in a Box. 

With White Glove Customer Service, and over 300 modules and add-ons to choose from, your search for Easy, Hassle-Free WiFi for your tenants is over. 


Four Simple Steps for your new Resident to set up their account and get online. The User Experience is the key in Turnkey.

User Admin and Analytics

Our super easy self admin means extra happy tenants and high customer satisfaction ratings. Your Residents like to be able to manage their accounts and their usage, and it saves the time and energy of your Leasing Managers and Office Staff. 

Subscription Management

A Robust, yet user friendly subscription management platform enables your residents to easily upgrade or downgrade services from within their own portal, and it allows apartment complex owners to place restrictions or tiers on the services offered. 

Custom Portal Redirect

As soon as your WiFi Guest connects to Your Network, they connect to Your Apartments, Your Property, Your Brand.

Ad Network Control

Role based users allow for restrictions and controls over speed, content, and even ad networks. As could be imagined, this is a parental favorite. 

Military Grade Security

The Hard Truth that most WiFi providers cannot seem to get a handle on is that absolute security across the network is difficult to do, especially in apartment complexes. Our entire platform, hardware, software, and training was built with your Security as the foundation. 

Custom Portal Redirect for MDU’s

Your Apartments, Your Network, Your Brand, Your Page.

After connecting to your Guest Network, your tenant / new user is automatically redirected to your Branded Portal Page.

The UX Design throughout the subscription process is tested and trued, each page individually responsive, and optimized for: 

  • Drop-off and Abandoned Cart Rates
  • Overall Ease of Use and Simplicity, and 
  • Conversion of Apartment Residents to Paying Internet Customers (check payable to you).


The Sea of IoT

The Internet of Things offers Unlimited Opportunities for Recurring Monthly Revenue Growth.

  • Smart Home Automation
    • Home Security, Cameras, Sprinkler Systems, Thermostats / Climate Control, Lighting, Video, Doorbells, Personal Assistants (think Alexa), Air Quality Control, Plant PH Balance and Humidity Monitor, Automated Gardens
  • Emergency Services
    • Remote Emergency Communication, Instant Communication with 911, Fire / Smoke, Carbon Monoxide Detection, Security, Medical Pendants
  • Medical Services
    • Calorie / Nutrition Tracking, Blood Pressure Monitoring, Step Tracking, Medication Reminders, Glucose Monitoring, Depression Monitoring
  • AT-IoT: Anything Internet of Things 🙂
    • The opportunity for new channels of revenue are wide open here. At the end of the day, it’s this: When you control your network, you control the revenue opportunities. 


Responsive Design

The User Experience is the key to Turnkey. On all Devices. Our special attention to Responsive Design increases conversions, improves the user experience for your tenants, and translates to higher profits for our MDU property owners. 

Profit Sharing

When you own the network at your MDU, you control the pricing. Don’t let those dollars walk out the door! You can become the Internet Service Provider today. 

Simply Put

Qnexx deploys hassle-free, revenue generating WiFi Networks for Apartments with Speed, Efficiency, Security, and Simplicity. 


Our technicians install the latest and greatest hardware using best practices for optimal performance across your entire property. You residents can stay on their own secure connection from the bbq to the pool to the gym to the apartment office. Wander free, tenants!

No WiFi Soup

Networks. Really. Don’t. Like Each Other. When you control one network for all of your residents, you improve the experience and performance for everyone involved. 

Easy Billing / Upsells

Our easy User Admin backend offers upgrades in usage, devices, and other plan enhancements based on the user’s history. This is Revenue Increase on AutoPilot. 


The Process to convert a new (or existing) resident to your WiFi Subscriber is all about the User Experience, and we ace those tests like we’re holding the answer sheets. 

We have made it easy with 4 Steps between new tenant and Paid (to you!) Internet Subscriber.


  • Connect to Network
    • Easy to do without the typical WiFi Soup challenges!
  • Portal Redirect Page
    • A Custom, Branded Registration Form, complete with photos of your Apartments, walks each new user through the easy SimplySubscribe process.
  • Easy Billing
    • Accesses, Roles and Privileges. Our Users and Our Technology do it all.
  • Online!
    • Your user can Work, Surf, and Stream the day away on the Highest Class of WiFi Networks and Service. And, you get paid! 

Ad Revenue Sharing

Instant Recurring Revenue in a Box

When you control the network, you control the ads that your residents see. Use this power to run your own deals, cross-promote other local businesses, or Profit instantly from the internet traffic generated by your users.

Plug and Play. We set it up. You collect the check. 

When you have residents, you have streamers. In the Ad Network World, owning this level of traffic is, well, money. Why give those dollars straight to Google and other Ad Networks when you are providing the traffic?


Step 1: Site Inspection

A specialized technician will visit your MDU / Apartments to scope out the build, layout, and existing infrastructure.   

Step 2: We send you a couple options in an easy to read proposal.

98% of our Proposals have an option with No Upfront Cost!

Step 3: Your Users are Online With High Speeds and Happy Hearts.  

Please feel free to ask for specific case studies on our clients in:

Ballparks, MDU’s, Cruise Ships, Senior / Assisted Living, Stadiums, Airports, MTU’s, Apartments, Condos, Studio Apartments, HOA’s, Education, Large Venues, Hospitality, Memory Care, Independent Living, Active Living, Hotels, Hospitals / Medical, Government, Communities, Camping, Public WiFi, City WiFi, Travel, Arenas, Venues, Subways, LightRails, Master Planned Communities, Shared Office Space, Motels, Resorts, Golf Courses, Restaurants, Water Parks, Retail, Commercial Real Estate, Franchises, Chains, Religious Institutions, Shopping Centers, Shopping Plazas, and more. 


Upgrade and Update your Property, and Get Paid. 

We are looking for Apartment and MDU Owners!

Your residents are demanding the best in their WiFi experience, and we can help you provide it.  

At QNexx, we specialize in building WiFi Networks for Apartments, MDU’s, Multi-Dwelling Units, MTU’s, Condos, Multi-family Residential, Studio Apartments, and Condominiums. 

Free Site Analysis

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Are you facing thousands in costs from outdated network equipment and connections? 

Providing a Stellar WiFi Experience to the Residents in your Apartments, Condos, or MDU’s Doesn’t Have to Be Hard! 

We can help! We have many Partners who are willing to cover the costs of the infrastructure upgrades needed throughout your apartment rental properties! 

Ensure that your WiFi Guests get the fastest speeds, stellar customer service, military grade security, and an overall amazing Internet Experience. 

"The network service on property has been running very smoothly with great uptime. As I understand it, they designed multiple internet links into the property to keep the service up in case of any outages by a single provider. Also the property wide WiFi service is unlike most installations in that a resident can walk from one side of the property to the other and stay connected to their own private network."

– R. Phillips, THP LA

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